Do you suffer from periodontal disease and/or bad breath? There's no question that these oral conditions can have a negative impact on a patient's life. Luckily, The Oravital® System treats gum disease and mouth odor safely and successfully!

I'm In… What's Next?

First, you'll arrange a visit to an Oravital® Certified clinic for an oral assessment. You'll answer some questions about your medical history in order to determine whether you're at a higher risk for bad breath or gum disease. A dental professional will use a gentle swab to take some samples of bacteria from your teeth, tongue and throat. These samples will be sent to a lab, where a microbial analysis will be used to detect any harmful bacteria that may be responsible for these conditions.

If the report reveals that there are disease-causing microorganisms present in your mouth, you'll be recommended an Oravital® antiseptic or antibiotic rinse to target these germs and get your oral heath back on track. After using this rinse for approximately two weeks, the bacteria in your mouth should return to a balanced and healthy state – and gum disease and/or bad breath should no longer be a problem!

Good Oral Health is a Lifelong Commitment

The dentist or hygienist will evaluate the health of your mouth following treatment with the Oravital® System to ensure that it's working effectively. In order to maintain a healthy mouth, it is recommended that you continue to practice a proper oral hygiene routine at home, in addition to going for routine check-up/cleaning appointments. You can also use the Oravital® maintenance rinse daily to enhance the effectiveness of your oral care routine.

With the Oravital® System, gum disease and bad breath can be issues of the past. By taking the right steps, you'll be able to maintain a healthy smile for a lifetime.

Dentistry on the Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario is an Oravital® Certified Clinic.

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